Who We Are

Promoting and developing Awareness about Health of human beings
Say Health for all through Ayurveda
Ayurveda is a demand of this era

History behind our Ayurvedic Thoughts & Background

In my Childhood seen most miraculous effect of Ayurveda through my Guruji, a great saint Yogi & Ayurvedician.
in my graduation Study period it was my good luck to have communication to my teachers in a very good way & I have grasped their views clearly.
In my practice at my clinic I have followed principles settled by my own and due to blessings of my gurus and of Lord Dhavnatari (Lord of Good Health) find many more success & experience in treating the patient.
One more thing is that I have preferred self study and self Contemplation in comparison to studying the books ......Click Here

Right People in Right Job

Name of Organization: AYURVEDERA
Target: Health For All
Public Health Conscious System
Based on the principle where it is told as
"Prevention is better than cure"

Ms. Savita Rani

CEO & Founder

35 Years experience of assisting in Ayurveda practice.
Same period in assisting for preparing Ayurvedic formulations

Very good grasping power of any subject.

Dr. Pramod Kumar

Chairman & Director My-Clinic

Director: AYURVEDERA My-Clinic Network 
Ex-Principal: Ahimsa Ayurvedic College New Delhi India

Private Practice: on Ayurvedic Guidelines with Self prepared Ayurvedic Formulations, Since 40 Years Experience till now.