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Tridosh Vigyan and Diagnostic Pulse examination

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Hello Friends!

We will discuss here about the Medical Health system for goodness of your health. In very beginning when Human began to live in various Colonies and when so many alterations in health of them being developed and so creating problems in their day to day life, then some intellectuals came forward to think over the situation as well as these days also happens like this and you’ve seen it in Covid-19 period.

Thinking about so many ifs and buts these wise persons or you may call them as Intellectuals or Rishi/Maharshi who were actually the saints and without any proud or any hitches they were continuously working in their fields of Researches for the benefits of society. They were greedless persons.

They started to concentrate on their research regarding health problems of the society. Since very start at that time the work is ever going on and so many facts through these researches came out before us.

In the beginning when communications were going on between the researchers of different parts of the world with one another, it was Okay but lately the communications between researchers became impossible due to so many reasons such as geographical conditions & so on and hence communications were closed but the research system remain going on in separate parts of the world independently.

Because of un-integration as well as failing to cross thinking on any situation or researches, different systems have been developed with so many differences in their findings and in the way of working or in the way of fighting with so many ailments.

Here we will discuss about extremely popular and used these present days in maximum parts of the world Modern Medical Science (Allopathic System) and Ancient Ayurvedic System of Indian origin, not to others, because we are not so much compatible or known to any other system.

The approaches of these systems are very much opposite in their thinking patterns but in many ways both are going parallel and equivalent too.

That’s why we will discuss here some matter from these systems. First of all I am going to describe the main difference between the Ideologies of these two systems.

See Modern Medical Science believe for infectious diseases that our body fall ill due to infection of any bacteria or a Virus; it says that they are the causative organisms responsible for our ailments. Here one important thing is there which I will tell you later on.

In Ayurveda; the ancient Medical System is of the opinion & consideration that the change in ratio proportion of Vaat, Pitta and Kaf is responsible for origination of the diseases.

This is the basic difference in consideration of both of these systems. But

In between this bigger difference one thing is there which we will also explain from Modern Medical Science (Bacteriology) that no any bacteria could be able to generate any disease since there is no any presence of such factors which are necessary for the development & growth of bacteria and they are saying it as bacterial flora.

What is this flora? Yes it’s a genuine question. What is the difference between Bacterial flora and these vaat, Pitta & Kaf?

Yes they are representing the same thing and only difference is of the language & explanation method only. I will explain it in deep in courseware.

In this way the basic difference itself has been condemned and finished.

The only difference remained is in our thinking to proceed further for deciding the management of treatment of diseased persons. In case of all Viral diseases like Dengue, Chikungunya, Sars, Bird flu, Encephalitis and so on there could not found any progress for their proper treatment and now this Covid-19 there is no any progress to decide the Proper treatment regime. This is because of wrong thinking pattern.

After writing complete Charak Samhita which is a complete book of Ayurvedic Medicine, Maharshi Charak told that we’ve explained here all guidelines for treatments of all present past and future diseases. A wise and clever as well as a smart Doctor (Vaidya) should/could be able to manage and handle the entire situation which may come in very far future by following these guidelines only. They said that we have established all the principles of treatment system and guidelines for humanity purpose and nothing could be outside these guidelines. Which we have established, it may happen that it could be found anywhere else, but nothing will be found outside, which is not discussed here in this book. These words are not showing any proud but actually it is. Any one may try it.

So the proper treatment in any of the situation is only to maintain the ratio proportion of Vaat, Pitta and Kaf. I will prove it through modern medicinal concept also in future in our courseware which will be provided here under the banner of AYURVEDERA.

But you may ask a question here that how anyone could be able to judge the actual position of this ratio proportion and how it could be managed to the actual. Yes your question is very proper and genuine.

Ancient Ayurveda actually have all other methods of diagnosis, but a very important system of this diagnostic system Pulse diagnosis, where you are not being able to connect the actual diagnosis and do not know about the disease’s Pathology-physiology etc. and its treatment pattern to decide, in that case also anyone who want to proceed proper treatment, it could proceed in right direction of treatment. In ancient world two precise books on this pulse diagnosis system are available one is written by Maharshi KANAAD and another one is written by RAAVAN. All of literature available for this is only the extension of these two books. In nineteenth century one more important book on this topic is also available which is actually an “Advanced version of this Pulse Diagnostic system” and that is DOOT NADI VIGYANAM written by Pt. Satya Dev Vasishth of Bahalgarh, Sonipat Haryana, India.

We are providing this pulse diagnostic methodology in our present courseware. It is also necessary to know Tridosh Theory in detail to understand this technology of pulse diagnostic system.

My dear friends

We are introducing a very special knowledge of ancient India i.e. known as a method of diagnosis of any illness of any patient by examining his/her pulse. This system also opens the door of quick safe and fast relief in treating a patient. It guides a Doctor in an excellent way for setting proper treatment regime on day-to-day basis to judge every recovery progress and response of systems of body of patient using different medicine as well as complete treatment provided to him.

Hence it is meaningful to study about this diagnostic system.

We have launched a 7 month online “Pulse Diagnosis Expert (Normal & Advance) Course. Where Advance means about Doot Nadi Pareeksha (Doot= messenger of patient, Nadi=Pulse, Pareeksha=examination).

“Yes it is possible easily”

Mainly I (Dr. Pramod Kumar) will provide this knowledge managing online classrooms on google meet or any other resource available time to time.

This is also a fact that to understand this system one has to know about Tridosh theory of Ayurveda deeply & also some knowledge of the equivalent knowledge from Modern Medical Science too. So it will also be provided in these classes.

According to this system Radial Artery is when situated about one centimetre before thumb starts in palm i.e. known as Pulse. In Modern system of medicine this pulse is also examined by Doctors but they generally depend on its counting means the rate if pulsation per minute. That examination system never covers these aspects of the pulse examination used in Ayurvedic/Unani System.

All system and our complete diagnostic method depends only the intensity of pulsation this radial pulse beneath the index, middle and ring finger. The intensity of these places is examined and ratio-proportion is judged and in accordance to that some decisions could be taken about the situation of patient. This science is not only a diagnostic system but is also suggestive of the treatment procedure.

Any Science is not the personal property of any individual person or any group of persons. Actually the Science is Science.

Any one could take admission in our online course and could get the knowledge. An Excellency certificate will be given to each participant.

You may become confused about how a person could be able to know its practical aspects in learning it online. But we are sure by our system of guiding properly that anybody will learn it very easily, if he or she will practice it properly as guided by us.
The eligibility criteria is that if you are a student of any medical system 2nd professional year onwards or a fresh pass out of your medical degree, then you may take admission in this course.

It is very special topic for you to know & it is very interesting because knowing about it you will be able to know about the complete inner ailment situation of your patient without any Pathological Lab test. So you may initiate the treatment of patient immediately and if required, then you may also cross check your diagnosis through lab tests to confirm your findings.

This technique will also help you to find the path of proper treatment regime even in any new coming problem like Covid-19 & so on.

This system is based on Tridosh theory of Ayurved and also on Tridosh theory of Modern (Allopathic) medical system (Factors responsible for growth of Microbes and Viruses) too.

Yes you have heard very right i.e. Tridosh theory of Modern medical science.

We provide you the complete comparative details of this Tridosh theory of Ayurveda as well as that of this Tridosh system of modern era.

We also provide the study of pulse for which a pulse expert may give his/her declaration about the patient by ailments of examination of pulse of the patient.

In addition to this, it is also a fact that if you study and know with getting this expertise you may also declare the problem to your patient even by examining the pulse of relative or any messenger and this technique is termed as messenger pulse expertise or initially it is so said as दूत नाड़ी।

Yes; all these things are 100% correct. This is a very much practical knowledge, so no any further proof of them is required for it.
All this course classes will be provided online.

Total more or less 20-30 lectures of one hour each plus your personal practice required

We, under the banner of AYURVEDERA are providing these online classes for you with a nominal charge.

An attractive beautiful Diploma certificate “Advanced Pulse Diagnosis Expert” will be provided to you.

Later on you may also connect to our Organisational network as:

Fellow of charak academy of Ayurvedera “F.C.A.A.”.

 Course Details:

The Complete Course curriculum contains:

  1. Tridosh theory of Ayurveda & Tridosh Theory (Factors responsible for growth of Microbes and Viruses) of Modern Medical Science.
  2. Pulse examination technique (नाड़ी परीक्षण)to ensure diagnosis of a patients and
  3. Advance feature of examination of pulse of a messenger or a relative of patient known as (दूतनाड़ी परीक्षा)

The complete course will be covered within 20-30 online classes of approx. one hour each. This will be followed by one practical online class at 15-20 days interval up to approx. 4-5 months. Including pulse examination normal and advanced messenger pulse (दूत नाड़ी परीक्षा)

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