Our Mission

Public Health Conscious System is based on the principle, "Prevention is better than cure"
In many other ailments Information is defense
“जानकारी ही बचाव है”


Name of Organization: AYURVEDERA

Target: Health For Al

Public Health Conscious System

Super Specialty Fellowship to Doctors

Based on the principle where it is told as
"Prevention is better than cure"

What is Required

Preventive Measures
First Aid Management

S.N.P Health Before going to a Doctor

Online Health Awareness Classes

We will manage a program with a perception:

  * To educate at least one person per family for taking care of their all family member’s health.

  * This program not only includes:

     ** The preventive measures

     ** Primary (First Aid) management

So that in each and every condition of illness they could be able to handle the situation before going to a qualified Doctor.

(Save N Protect Your Health before going to a Doctor)

Treatment Management System:


My-Clinical Network

Because System of Ayurveda is proved as safest and fastest curative system of Medicine  its demand in the world is increasing more and more day by day. We are providing proper treatment to our patients. We have an online treatment management system for all human beings living anywhere in the world, they may also be so benefitted through our system in a responsible way according Superfast Ayurvedic principles.

In future there may be a strong clinical network with clinics, dispensaries & Hospitals working in our proper guidelines.

We are being the best service providing network of Super-Specialist Doctors in different branches of Ayurvedic Medicine. 

Providing Superfast Treatment Techniques:

Super Fast Treatment System

Online Classes for Medical Students

  1. We prepare our Doctors for so much easy, cheaper and with a Super-Fast approach to a patient for treating them in a precise way through our Clinical network system.
  2. We educate Doctors about Tridosh Theory of Ayurveda and to diagnose the patient by Pulse Examination of his/her patients, because this makes treatment management system too much easy. 

Fellowship and Super Specialty Courses:

Doing Permanant Reseach Work under Fellowship with us

  1. After undergoing online Course for Tridosh Theory and Pulse Examination, Doctors will be provided Fellowship as Fellow of Charak Academy of Ayurvedera (FCAA)
  2. We train these fellow Doctors for the capability of super-specialty in different areas (Branches) of their interests through our Ayurvedic Super-Specialty Course.

Production of Fast working Ayurvedic Medicines:

Manufacturing of Ayurvedic Medicines

This is our future plan.

For our mission target:
we provide our services as follows:​

Treat and educate public for their Primary Health
Educate and train Doctors for high level specialties
Find cheap and effective system of diagnosis
Producing safest and superfast resulting Medicines.


We have launched our Super-specialty (online) clinic system, where We provide online suggestions and Consultations to our patients through our Centralized Super-specialty (online) My-Clinic, properly based on principles of Ayurveda........Know More


To ensure our targeted theme,
"Save N Protect Yourself before Going to a Doctor",
We have launched a complete course of Eight Modules of about 18 months duration to educate a Common (Wo)men (at least one person per family)
.......Know More


To develop visionary to examine a patient by means of his/her Pulse Examination, We provide the online classes for learning the "Tridosh Theory of Ayurveda and Pulse Diagnostic System" (Normal & Advanced)
to Medical Students and Fresher Doctor of any system.
.......Know More

Superspecialty Course

Any Qualified Doctor* who fulfils eligibility criteria may join as Fellow of Charak Academy of AYURVEDERA (FCAA) & may work with us & under proper expert guidance for Super-specialty on their own Clinic for any subject of his/her own interest as franchise of our centralized My-Clinic Network, .......Know More


Name of Organization: AYURVEDERA

Target: Health For Al

Public Health Conscious System

Super Specialty Fellowship to Doctors

Based on the principle where it is told as
"Prevention is better than cure"



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