Our Inspirator

Our Inspirator

H.H.Brahmchari Krishna Dev Chaitanya ji Maharaj

About SadGurudev Ji

This photo is of our Honorable Sadgurdev ji. I was in contact with him since my early childhood. I found a great Saint in him of his era. He was an excellent example of simplicity. He always aware about his duties for the society. He never supported his publicity as a great saint, even he checks us for doing so. He never told his date of birth or his birth place. There was so many places where he was living alternately & not bounded to any place. But mostly he was living in my village Pachenda Kalan District Muzaffar Nagar, U.P. India. He was taking only Cow milk and some fruits in his food. So he was known as Falahari (Grasping only Fruits and Cow milk) Bramhchari Pachenda Wale (Living in Village Pachenda Kalan, District Muzaffar Nagar UP India)  not by any of his name. We were never known his name up to the last time when he had completed his life span. He was also an Ayurvedician. He was distributing Ayurvedic Medicines to the patients free of cost. The medicines were being made in his strict supervision. If any medicine is not there with him then he were advising to the patient’s family members to made it with his/her own. I myself seen so many magics of their treatment since my childhood & hence I became of the opinion that Ayurveda is not a slow Bullock cart but it is a superfast Aeroplane without any type of side/bad after effects if worked sincerely and properly with making proper diagnosis & choosing proper medication.


Dr. Pramod Kumar

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