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Various Health Care Systems and their Integration

Author: Dr: Pramod Kumar

Welcome to all here in “Ayurvedic Super Specialty Clinical Network” for doing something for good health for all, this all comes categorically under Health Science or Health Care System. We when think over this chapter then generally we think about Ayurveda. The purpose of a clinic is always to provide protection to human body from various diseased conditions. A disease is called so because it gives dis + ease to a life as it provide discomfort and breach in the normal routine of life.

All the work done to provide protection against various diseases, whether it is done in India, China, Russia, U.S. or U.K. or elsewhere in any part of the world comes under Medical category. It never matters that it is done by a Scientist/Doctor A or Doctor B/C. All of them are working in the same direction and to achieve the same target of good health & to provide protection against all ill health. The process of working of Doctor A & B or C may be in different way, but it never generates Apathy or B-pathy or C-pathy & so on.

The method or thinking may be so different, that they may look like just opposite to each other. Just see an example:-

Take the example of a pregnant lady, who is undergoing to Threatened Abortion. In this case Doctor A prescribes Coagulant drugs like Gynae CVP or Vitamin K Preparations to her to check the blood flow, while Doctor B thinks separately. (S)he prescribe her some Anti-Coagulants like Aspirin in small quantity to promote blood circulation in the Uterus. Both the Doctors are doing their work to achieve the same target but their way is absolutely opposite. There may be several ifs and buts to be discussed in both type of these thoughts, but both could never be challenged for so. Both the systems could never be termed as Apathy or B-pathy.

In whole of the world since the era of humanitarian origin, when there was the start of being ill or diseased, so many intellectuals keep on searching to find out the solution of these diseases & also how to prevent the human being from being diseased.

The work has been done in each and every part of the earth where there is life. All of them develop the medical science on their own way. But unfortunately our personal ego comes in our way to prevent us to recognize the work of others. We are prone to accept or recognize and honour the works and thoughts of the others & hence so many developed theories, even than that those are very effective and being nearest to the truth, could not be universally accepted and were kept under the category namely as A-pathy, B-pathy or C-pathy and so on.

Those all are named as Ayurveda, Yoga, Naturopathy, Chinese, Unani, Allopathy & Homeopathy & so on. This all is very bad and is to be banned for naming so. All is the Medical Science and all the theories put forward in the area of Health Care/treatment/ Cure/ Preventive medicine for the diseases is the Medical Science. Our body is a single unit and our organs and systems are not working according to Ayurveda/Allopathy/Unani/Homeopathy or so on, but as they work, has to defined by these systems and diseased condition is to be cured by them all, the way of expression of the theories may be different as per language or as per the person, who put forward the theory, but the target is the same for all.

We are committed towards the Aims and Objects mentioned below:

To create an atmosphere & awareness of being healthy by educating people to be health conscious

** To provide best solutions to people for their ailments either online or physically

** To provide best guidance to people about the latest developments in the Medical world

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