Origin of Energy required for Health

Origin Of Energy Required for good Health

आरोग्य के आदिदेव भगवान धन्वन्तरि

अहं हि धन्वंतरिरादि देवो जरारुजामृत्यु हरोsमराणाम्।
शल्यांगमँगैरपरैरुपैतुं प्राप्तोsस्मि गां भूय इहोपदेष्टुम् ।।

आरोग्य के आदिदेव भगवान धन्वन्तरि:-

Going to search or to think over any topic, the thoughts flow in our mind in many ways, which is definitely like the ebb tide rising in the sea in the same way the waves are generated one after another and then they end, some of them are helpful in moving the thinking of the subject in the right direction, while on the other side there are some other things which are distracting. This process goes on continuously, as the churns rotate left and sometimes right, for the sake of curd, this is the emergence and elimination of positive (divine) and negative (demonic) facts about the subject you are considering. There is only a sea churning of thoughts in the subject, in which there is definitely more negativity in the beginning, in which our laziness also appears with the same negativity which has been told the origin of heavy poison, it is only when most people are poisonous Fearing the situation, they leave that work ahead and if left, consider that the said poison had done its work.


But when the said poisonous element (loss or gain) effect is being forwarded for the welfare of the world (for the desire of it as it is dedicated to Lord Shiva), then it will include in the welfare path of for human beings and others, The Knowledge of its many other ifs & buts will also be available which can be used in other places, as well as when rising the stairs of success, as a final result in the solution of the said subject, he gets his right and final definite decision, that is the only one in the path of immortality is called attainment. This Dewasur Sangram is always known for its ideological sea churning.


At the beginning of creation, when people started living in settlements, then the bodies of human beings started getting sick due to so many reasons, then the some sages (researchers) did what is popularly known as Samudra Manthan which is about the important work of our life. The reason is its special importance that is why it became the most popular. In this also, when Lord Dhanvantari appeared with the nectar Kalash (Amrit Kalash) as the god of healing in the end, this revelation that happened on the Trayodashi of Krishna Paksha of Kartik month was the same as the Dhanvantari Day and the day of healing (Aarogya Divas) was distinguished.


This nectar refers to the treatment of the body when it is sick. All medical practices or medicines related to the treatment are nectar form.


Salutations to God Dhanvantari, The provider of healing for all.

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