Course (A)

(For Ayurvedic/Medical Students and freshers)


Course Details:

AYURVEDERA presents online classes for Tridosh theory and Factors responsible for growth of Microbes and Viruses if Ayurved with pulse examination technique (नाड़ी परीक्षणto ensure diagnosis of a patients and also its advance feature of examining the pulse of messenger of a patient known as (दूतनाड़ी परीक्षा)

Eligibility Criateria:

a. Students of Ayurveda BAMS or any other system of medicine (MBBS, BHMS, BUMS or else) after passing initial 2nd year onwards.
b. Fresher Doctors of any (Preferably from Ayurvedic) stream/System of medicine
c. Any senior Doctor of any stream of medicine, if interested or any other person showing special interest, may also join this course after permission granted by the Director of AYURVEDERA

Online course to learn this pulse examination diagnostic technique systematically in a very simplest and understandable way & you will have to follow it to practice it on your own.

You have to study about TRIDOSH THEORY and Factors responsible for growth of Microbes and Viruses prior to study of pulse diagnostic methods. We will provide you that too.
We think that you all may have been interested in this online course, waiting your turn eagerly.

Course duration:

Pulse Diagnostics theory including some theory as well as practical online demonstration & your own personal practice & TRIDOSH THEORY and Factors responsible for growth of Microbes and Viruses ………6 months.

Followed by

Advanced practical practice training for the diagnosis by pulse examination of a messenger of the patient known as (दूतनाड़ी) ……………..1 month.

Medium of instruction: 

English and hindi mixed language. Classes will be once or twice in a week


A Certificate will also be provided as “PULSE EXAMINATION & PULSE DIAGNOSIS EXPERT

Fellowship as Fellow of Charak Academy of Ayucorps Foundation (F.C.A.F) will be provided to successful candidates which provide them to access our several Discussion programs as well as practical working Plate-forms of our Ayurvedic Guidelines which automatically push them up towards Super-specialty. Students will be provided (F.C.A.F.s)

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2. Super specialization Program for Ayurvedic Doctors 

(Will be started very soon approx. after one batch of Pulse Diagnostic Course)

Through joining fresher Doctors under several Discussion as well as practical working Plate-forms of Ayurvedic Guidelines.