Fee Detailes Course (B)

Fees Structure:-  For SNP for Health Course

Enrollment charges
(Common to all our courses)
Rs.   2500.00
First module Course FeeRs. 10000.00
Second module Course FeeRs. 10000.00
Third module Course FeeRs. 8000.00
Fourth module Course FeeRs. 8000.00
Fifth module Course FeeRs. 10000.00
Sixth module Course FeeRs. 10000.00
Seventh module Course FeeRs. 10000.00
Eighth module Course FeeRs. 10000.00
Total Course feeRs. 76000.00
Special Launching Discount (15%)
*Current year only
Rs. 11400.00*
More Discount on Joining
20th September 2020) (20%)
Rs. 15200.00**
More discount for opting single
one time complete advance payment (10%)

(***As course fee may also be opted to pay in three equated trimonthly Installments then No any such discount will be available)
Rs. 7600.00***
Total Discount
(Before 20th September  2020)
Rs. 34200.00
Total Amount to be Paid after discounts
(Course Fee)
Total amount Payable (Course Fee+Enrolment Charge and all including) (Before 20th September  2020)41800+2500=Rs. 44300.00
Installment Option
Down Payment
First EMI
Second EMI
Third EMI

Rs. 16900.00
Rs. 12500.00
Rs. 12500.00
Rs. 10000.00

(No Any discount except Launching Discount is available in opting single Module.)