Fee Structure

Pulse Diagnosis Expert Course

Fee Structure:-

One time Enrolment Fee                                         : Rs.   2500.00

Tuition Fee                                                                 : Rs. 40000.00


Per student per theory class of one hour             : Rs.    1600.00

Total amount of fee of all approx theory classes will amount to:    

(if we assume it as 25 classes,Rs. 1600 X 25)   : Rs. 1600X25                                        

                                                                                      : Rs.  40000.00

Flat 25% Discount on Tuition Fee                           : Rs. 10000.00

Total Amount payable against Tuition Fee            : Rs. 30000.00        (After discount)

Full payment at the time of Enrolment Fee           : Rs. 32500.00


May be given in two equated Instalments

Down Payment  (15000+2500)                                 : Rs. 17500.00  (at the time of enrolment)

2nd Instalment                                                              : Rs. 15000.00  (Just after 10th hour Class)


All practical classes which will be given after all of the theory classes will be totally free of Cost.

Special Offer for Initial first enrolled 50 student:-

Enrollment fee amount Rs. 2500.00 will be exempted. So they have to pay Rs. 30000.00 only for full Course