Fee Structure

Eight Module Diploma course in Holistic Health Management

Fee Structure:-

One time Enrolment Fee                                         : Rs.   2500.00

Tuition Fee                                                                 : Rs. 70000.00


Per student per theory class of one hour             : Rs.    1000.00

Total amount of fee of all approx theory classes will amount to:    

(if we assume it as 70 classes,Rs. 1000 X 70)   : Rs. 1000X70                                        

                                                                                      : Rs.  70000.00

Flat 25% Discount on Tuition Fee                           : Rs. 17500.00

Total Amount payable against Tuition Fee            : Rs. 52500.00        (After discount)

Full Single payment at the time of Enrolment       : Rs. 55000.00


May be paid in ten equated Monthly Instalments

Down Payment  (5250+2500)                                   : Rs. 7750.00  (at the time of enrolment)

2nd  to 10th monthly Instalment                                 : Rs. 15000.00 


Special Offer for Initial first enrolled 50 student:-

Enrollment fee amount Rs. 2500.00 will be exempted.