Dr. Pramod Kumar

Dr. Pramod Kumar 

B.Sc, Ayurvedacharya, B.A.M.S.
Bachelor of Ayurveda With Modern Medicine & Surgery)

Ex-Principal, Ahimsa Ayurvedic College New Delhi-60 India

Ayurvedera (Online) My-Clinic Indirapuram Ghaziabad-201014

Mobile & WhatsApp: 91-7017207383 E-Mail: ayurvedera@gmail.com



Director: AYURVEDERA My-Clinical Network



Male/Female Infertility                   Piles                                      Paralysis

Arthritis (Joint Pains)                                            Asthma                                                   Liver Disorders

Heart Blockage                                                             Cyst & Tumours                                             Dengue & Viral Fevers


Diagnosis through:

Pulse Expertise (Normal & Advanced)                                                                                                                           Magnetic Analyser

Treatment through:

Ayurvedic Principles and Panchkarma, Yogasan, Meditation, Yog Mudra & Vibration Technique


BIODATA OF Dr.pramod kumar

Qualifications, experiences and research work done


Presently we have just established our clinical network named as AYURVEDERA


Actually I (PRAMOD KUMAR) am an Ayurvedic Doctor and besides some teaching and practicing privately I am precisely interested in doing some good high level research work. I am personally known and aware of this fact that Ayurveda, which is told to be very slow response providing, is not actually slow. It is a very fast working and safest system of Medicine, as I have experienced this thing since start of my practicing life. So I am telling it as “SUPERFAST AYURVEDA” and this is so much safest one and providing quick response to all acute as well as chronic ailments.


In present scenario the position is if anyone ignores its Tridosh Principles then no response will be found, but if we proceed further systematically then it gives very fast response. I have experienced it so many times.


One other thing is that, as you have known to the fact that in old day era, our Vaidyas were able to diagnose a patient by examining his/her Pulse. This knowledge has been forgotten due to our carelessness about it.


I am very lucky in this regard as I found a saint His Holiness Shri Nijanand ji maharaj in my student life, who provide me some facts and procedures, primary technique and its principle for pulse examination in 5-10 minutes only & told me to practice it. He also told me some facts of DootNadi (Pulse examination of messenger of patient) examination techniques very primary basics. Later on I have practiced it and a book was also found to me as Doot-Nadee pareeksha written by Pandit Saty dev vasishth ji of Sonipat Haryana. I have also practiced for it.


Due to this practice, I became able to treat a patient only on the basis of this Pulse examination and found that even in those ailments which are unknown to us or even to medical field till now, those could also be treated by assuming ratio proportion of VATA, PITTA & KAFA. Even in Corona conditions or any other new situations of any ailments successful treatment may be provided in these conditions by assuming ratio proportion of Vata, Pitta & kafa, I/we am 100% sure about success to treat these situations, Not only Corona but all future developing diseases could be successfully treated. Previously Dengue, Chikungunya, all other viral fevers and situations have been successfully handled by me.


Even a patient where there was only a Rudimentary Uterus i.e. undeveloped uterus who was denied so many times to do anything by me, also on his/her husband’s pressure have treated and full success was there in hands only in a month.


So now I thought about the expansion of this knowledge & experience gained in my profession, I want to transfer it further to next generation.


Only for this purpose I, along my wife Mrs. Savita Rani have established our organization AYURVEDERA. The owner/CEO of this organization is Mrs. Savita Rani.


Here we will do the work for our target “HEALTH FOR ALL” and we found that this target could only be achieved by these steps, which are followed by us in our Organization like as mentioned below:


To know about it one has to click this link https://ayurvedera.com/our-services/


Its entire links given on this page also should be checked.


In short there is:


  • Health awareness program for general public providing eight module course of about one and half year. The theme of this online Holistic Health management course is “Save N Protect your health before going to a Doctor”
  • Tridosh theory and Pulse Diagnosis expert course (Normal & Advanced) for medical students and fresher doctors.
  • By making followers of this organization [FCAA (Fellow of Charak Academy of Ayurvedera)]. These doctors will be trained for super specialty through Ayurveda on their own clinics or dispensaries, where they are working as a physician.
  • AYURVEDERA-My Clinic (Online Clinic) is also established to provide assistance to patients and to our fellow Doctors.
  • All will be online

The objectives to establishment are to provide all these services to mankind not only for our country India but for universe.

Spl: There is no any dream to earn a huge amount by this work, so I have the opinion that the money earned by this work will only be used in promotion of Ayurveda Only.



Mobile & Whatsapp : 91+7017207383

E-Mail: ayurvedera@gmail.com



I have seen the magical effects of Ayurvedic Medicines, but only when they are prepared in prescribed way following proper technique and also by following Ayurvedic Scientific rules of treating and managing a patient. Though, this relationship between Ayurvedic formulations and the different diseases and our body is well established by ancient Ayurvedic Acharyas just like Charak, Sushrut, Vagbhatt etc. Yet explanation of these concepts in context to the present modern scenario is highly required.

In the words of Kashiraj Divodas Dhanvantari in Sushrut Samhita:


अहं हि धन्वंतरिरादि देवो जरारुजामृत्यु हरोsमराणाम्।
शल्यांगमँगैरपरैरुपैतुं प्राप्तोsस्मि गां भूय इहोपदेष्टुम् ।।


I want to establish milestones, in the way of success of Ayurveda. I have proved this in my experiences in the work-field & now possess great desire to explain those facts and spread the knowledge of this Ancient Science of Life to the society, for the holistic betterment of all.



Father’s Name : Late Shri Kesho Dass

Date of Birth : October 2,1955

Qualifications :


  • B. Sc. (Chemistry, Zoology & Botany) (1971-73) From D.A.V. (Pg.) College, Muzaffar Nagar affiliated to Meerut University, UP
  • AYURVEDACHARYA, B.A.M.S. [Bachelor of Ayurveda with Modern Medicine & Surgery] (1974-79) From Govt. Ayurvedic College, Gurukul Kangri, Haridwar Affiliated to Kanpur University (UP)

Experiences :


Teaching in Ayurvedic College:

  • 5½ year exp. in teaching SHALYA-SHALAKYA at AHIMSA AYURVEDIC COLLEGE, Ahimsa Bhavan, Shankar Road, New Delhi, Affiliated to Examining Body of A & U System of Medicine of Delhi Administration For B.A.M.S. Course & Approved by CCIM INCLUDING 1½ YEAR EXP. AS PRINCIPAL OF THAT COLLEGE (03/10/1980 to 21/04/1986)
  • Worked as Reader & HOD, SHALAKYA TANTRA, at HIMALAYIYA AYURVEDIC MEDICAL COLLEGE, Fatehpur Tanda, Jeevanwala, Near Majri Grant, Dehradun, Uttarakhand since 1st June 2010 till September 2011

Research & Development:


  • In my private personal clinic I have worked hard and Studies have been made to cure or manage various acute & chronic Disease e.g. Paralysis, Asthma, Liver & Pancreatic disorders, Viral Fevers like Dengue & H1N1 Flu, AIDS, Male & Female Infertility and also developmental defects of Uterus, Hypertension, Heart Diseases etc. I have also worked to prove Punsavan Karm of Ayurved Scientifically True besides of the scenario of XY Chromosome theory.      

Clinical Experience:


  • 43 years exp. in private Practice especially with SELF PREPARED AYURVEDIC MEDICINES for all acute and chronic diseases.
  • Pulse Examination for treating the patients as per TRIDOSH THEORY of AYURVEDA
  • Private Practice using techniques of AYURVEDA, YOGA, PANCHKARMA & MEDITATION in treating patients, also some so called Allopathic Medicines too as and when required but in AYURVEDIC GUIDELINES only.
  • I am of the opinion that nothing is Allopathic or Ayurvedic in the world in the fields of Medicine, these are only the rules and principles of understanding, diagnosing & treating or managing treatment of a patient are Allopathic or Ayurvedic.

Writing Work (Research papers & Articles):


My various Ayurvedic Scientific articles have been published in various Magazines like

  • Ayurveda-Vikas of DABUR India Ltd.
  • Ayurveda-Mahasammelan-Patrika & in
  • Ayurveda-Varidhi etc. 
  • Editorial Exp.:
  • Editing, Proof reading & Publishing work done for two issues of Ayurveda-Varidhi in 1995.

Registration as a Practitioner:

  • Regd. with Delhi Bhartiya Chikitsa Parishad (BA-4782)

Presently I have also worked independently on the following projects:

  • Medha Buddhi Wardhak Rasayan (त्रिभिर्दिनै: श्लोक सहस्र धारिणम्): A formulation prescribed in Bhaishjya Ratnawali, tested by me 2 times previously, is to be proved more through help of some memory measurement techniques.
  • Study of Netra Patals described in ancient Ayurvedic literature. The present scenario is to be edited and by doing so, several major eye problems will be easily solved.
  • Timir Rogas: Including Refractive Errors All the measures, including principle of working in this direction, goals, medicines to be used, how the medicines/techniques will be applied, all that has been formulated. The start of working is in a row.
  • Writing of a book on Shalakya Tantra (Ophthalmology) is in progress. It will be tried to be completed very soon.
  • Writing of a book on Asthi-Sandhi-Rog Vigyaniyam (Orthopaedic Surgery) is also in progress & will be completed very soon.


Medicines will have to purchase from market or if it is in our stock (self prepared) then it will be preferred to provide for patients on paid basis, which have to be paid in advance. These medicines will be sent online via some courier service or by post office parcel as the situation may be.

Consultation Charges:

Consultation Card (Personal)

Effective for six months:

Rs. 2500.00 only

Consultation Card (Personnel)

Effective for one year:

Rs.   4500.00 only

Couple Card (Husband & Wife)

Effective for one year

Rs. 8000.00 only

Couple Card with one of the old parent

Effective for one year: 

Rs. 11000.00 only

Couple Card (with both the old parents)

Effective for one year:

Rs. 14000 only

Online Consultation Charge Payment Details:

Pay to (Account Holder’s Name): Savita Rani

Bank Name: HDFC Bank

Bank Branch: Indirapuram

Bank Account Number: 59107017207383

Account Type: Saving Account

IFS Code: HDFC0000590