Info about our Organization

Our organization AYURVEDERA is working in the field of AYURVIGYAN, where Ayu (Age) means the time after the birth of a person upto the whole life, and Vigyan means Logic or Science. We think over the problem in accordance with Ancient Indian Philosopher MAHARISHI CHARAK. He gave a unanimous and complete definition of good health, which you will see in other pages. Whatever he wrote in his text CHARAK SAMHITA, is the base of our thinking.We are dealing with the science of life in all of its aspects, I mean to say to the extent of knowledge about life, health, maintenance of life & health, sicknesses & their remedies, major gains of life, education and complete aims of life and to achieve goals in the life. This all, you will see here spiritually and physically in both the ways. Spiritually we are not concern to any religion or race or faiths of different societies, but whichever will be mentioned here or worked upon will completely require its scientific approval in all respect. This scientific approach will also be in that extent, which is ultimate necessity of life, nothing else.We want you to provide all information related to your health and so AYURVEDERA will touch all the necessary requirements to be a cheerful life. It will also be told about all the obstacles in the life and their remedies. Our mission ignores all the boundaries for the welfare of all the persons of our planet.

Our Commitment

We are committed to our goal. The goal is preset i.e. to re-establish Ayurveda by translating its principles in the modern day senario.
We are also committed to our patients, who are our first priority to manage their treatment. We believe that patient has to be given very fast relief but without any side/After/Bad effect on his/her body & this target can only be achieved by treating him/her on Ayurvedic guidelines, as Ayurveda gives very fast cure and relief to a patient, depending on several aspects.
For Preventive measures, we are also committed to give thorough knowledge to all through our one year certificate course as well as other short term courses.
All of our programs are organized in a precise way.

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