Nature has given a tendency to all the living beings to reproduce further and leave its next generation for future. After marriage each couple also want to fulfill the same desire. But due to several factors this opportunity alters, these factors arose due to one or more reason. The capability to reproduce their kids is known as fertility. When it alters then termed as INFERTILITY.

Infertility may affect male as well as female both.

Types of Infertility:

Infertility may be congenital or acquired.


It includes under development or mal-formation of genital organs. In males un(der) developed testicles or development of sperms is most frequently altered, where as in females Uterine/Ovarian/Vaginal un(der) development is there. This all may also include chromosomal disturbance. This type of infertility could not be treated. It is assumed that as per degree of development, in some of those cases, it could also be possible by helping the developmental process, but normally the chances are rare.
Although the author of this article had found magical success in a case of this type where the Uterus was rudimentary and the patient was aged at that time was more than 40 years.


There are so many cases which can be put under this category. As per my practical experience, some of following categories are there where the woman is being unable to conceive.

Male Infertility:

Male partner may also be affected by this infertility. In males we can see this in various forms. There may be altered situation of development of spermatozoa, premature sperms may come. Lowered number of sperms or there may be nil sperm count, or due to some infectious conditions sperm may die in early time. So clinically it has to be examined about the counting of sperms as well as motility and mortality Rate of sperms should also to be checked.

Sperm morphology is also to be studied. One another type of infertility in males is also seen which includes premature ejaculation or any other type of sexual dysfunction.

Female Infertility:

There are so many factors behind this infertility.

Profuse Intake of Contraceptive Pills:

For a long time in early stage of married life this is generally found as a most common factor. In early years of married life most of the couples make their mind for not having kids so soon & for this they use various contraceptive measures and most commonly they use oral contraceptive pills. These pills generally change their hormonal balance & in the long run by their continuous use these pills leave their effect permanently on the hormonal system. In future when they make their mind for having kids and to get conceived, there may be the great problem at its maximum.
This type of infertility could be treated for maintaining the balance in the hormonal system. In this type of problem maturation of ova is generally affected.

Physical Obstruction:

Due to any tumor or any type of inflammation, Fallopian tubes may be swollen and hence their lumen may be blocked, hence the ova from the ovaries could not be able to come into Uterus resulting into infertility.


Females are generally more prone to get infected. There are so many reasons behind it. The infection may come from their male partner or at the time of any abortion (Natural/Induced) or at the time of delivery of previous child.
During Menstrual cycle when oozing of blood takes place for 3-5 days through vagina it is the most unsafe period for getting infected due to certain un-hygienic conditions.
Due to infection uterine walls, Cervix, vagina and Fallopian tubes may be swollen and hence there are the chances of infertility. Here in this case if an ovum got fertilized too, even then there are more chances of it to be aborted.

Membranous dysmenorrhea:

This is a type of dysmenorhoea, where the patient feels pain during menstruation. Due to hormonal disorders the ruptured inner lining of uterus which is known as endometrial (Mucus) membrane could not be able to be dissolved and so some membranous blood along with several blood clots comes out from the uterus. So in this condition the clearance of uterus could not be done in menstrual period. The chances of getting conceived are rare here also.

Associated to Another Disease:

Infertility may also be associated to another disease like Tuberculosis, Obesity etc. Occurrence of mumps may also inherit infertility. So side by side these factors should also be determined.

Retro-verted/Retro-flexed Uterus:

Normally the uterus remains Anteverted & Anteflexed, but in several others it is found Retro-verted & Retro-flexed. There is no any particular reason behind it. It is a developmental condition. This is just like a hardware problem due to this situation the sperms could not be able to enter into the uterus & so there are no chances of conception.

Super Natural Factors:

Sometimes there is a situation when all the co nditions are Okay but still the woman could not get pregnant. How some supernatural factors are responsible, for this some people say that it could not be defined, but it occurs. No matter, it occ nditions are Okay but still the woman could not get pregnant. How some supernatural factors are responsible, for this some people say that it could not be defined, but it occurs. No matter, it occurs & may also be defined in a prescribed way, the timings of maturation of ovum and presence of sperm in uterus should also match. When all is well but this timing alters then it is called that chance/luck/supernatural power is responsible.

In the light of above description when we may proceed to treat the situation, all of the above factors are to be determined & then be treated. It is a fact that if you have 100% faith in yourself then no reason is there for not getting a cute and lovely child in your family. Thanks


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